Denver Style Green Chili Gravy

Brown and set aside 1-2 lbs pork bones; 1 lb cubed pork*

In same pan, sauté 

1-1/2 cups chopped onions

Then add & sauté a few minutes:

3-4 cloves chopped garlic

3-4 minced Serrano chili peppers


3 C chicken broth (or water)**


Salt, pepper, cumin

Bring to boil, reduce heat & simmer one hour

Remove bones, let cool, shred meat 

Add & simmer one hour:

1 (or 2) can(s) stewed tomatoes or

tomatoes with green chilies

2 cans diced green chilies (I use Hatch Chili Co. hot diced green chilies)

Pork pieces

Mix ¼ (to ½) C flour with 1 C broth (or water) and stir into sauce.  Simmer till thickened.

*Pork can be country style ribs, pork chops

**If neck bones are well browned, water works well.  If you need more flavor, use broth.

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